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Buying Beef/Pork in bulk: What Freezer size do you need?

Buying beef and pork in bulk from a local ranch is one of the most economical ways to fill your freezer with the healthiest, tastiest, and overall highest-quality cuts of ranch-raised beef. You can decide whether you invest in a quarter, half, or whole beef share, but that will depend on your budget and storage capacity. It’s important that you know the benefits that each option provides.

Undoubtedly, our whole and half beef shares provide the best overall value and come with many types of beef cuts at a competitive price. Our Quarter Beef shares are also a great option for the money and, are a less daunting commitment. Still, if you’re looking to try us out with a smaller amount, our CSA shares are also a great option!


One of the nice things about beef (or most any meat for that matter) is that it stores well for up to two years in a good freezer. Some people say that you shouldn’t store it for more than 1 year to maximize taste quality, but in cases of emergency that wouldn’t matter much. So the length of preservation in a freezer really depends on your goals.

Here are some guidelines for freezer space you can follow when purchasing that large share of meat:

  • Whole beef share (around 450-550 pounds): 16-20 cubic feet

  • Half beef share (around 225-275 pounds): 8-10 cubic feet

  • Quarter beef share (around 110-138 pounds): 4-5 cubic feet

For a Quarter beef, you will likely be able to fit it in a standard size freezer as long as it is clear of other items.

Freezer space can be a huge limiting factor when it comes to buying a bulk beef/pork share. If you don't currently have that huge freezer sitting in the garage that can store huge amounts of meat in, we have some other ideas for you! If a quarter, half or whole beef is a little more than you need, find a friend or family member to share an order with! Or you can try our Beef CSA Share.

For some, buying from the farmer is a new experience, so if you have questions, feel free to send us an email or give us a call!

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