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August 7th drop less than 2 weeks away! - Make it special!

We are less than 2 weeks away from our next drop. The invoices for those who put a deposit down on an item will be sent out later this week. These invoices are due upon receipt, we thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this. The animals are being butchered now.

September 4th drop is filling up but there are still items available for ordering. We are limited by the weight the trailer can hold, when we reach that limit we will have to cut off orders. If you are planning ahead don't wait to order. This year has brought about so much uncertainty but the one thing we can be certain of is the high quality of farm raised meat! We are so thankful for this! So many slaughter houses are experiencing contamination and recalls of their meat, but our meat is slaughtered and processed in a small local butcher shop with a USDA inspector on sight.

We all want to give our families the very best, the best opportunities, the best education, the best of us and the best nutrition. Summer months offer us a great variety on fruits, vegetables and the opportunity to fix meals that are not only tasty but appealing to our sensory factors. We are home more now and going out in a hassle but staying home and fixing and enjoying meals together in our new normal, let's make the most of it! Let your imagination run wild. Think themed dinners, indoor picnics, meals from another country. Get out the good china just because you can or grill something new and different. Look for inspiration on the internet and give your family something to look forward to!