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April 3rd drop and Covid-19

The April 3rd drop this Friday will look different than our normal drops. We will be asking people to line up in there cars at the drops. What will this look like? Our 3999 Fulton will take place in the normal parking lot we use between 4:00-5:30 pm. People picking up will have to line up alone Fulton Place leading into the far end of the parking lot. The truck will park near the driveway closest to Valley View so that cars can drive up to the truck get their order and drive out the driveway closest to Valley View and leave.

The 7540 Dean Martin drop the truck will pull into the normal place behind the Crossfit gym building in the alley way. The drop will take place between 6:30- 7:00pm. All those picking up at this drop please line up around the building and drive up to the truck, pick up your order and drive off.

All this is to keep you and us safe. We also need to make sure we are doing everything to keep us within the state mandated rules regarding Covid-19. The last thing we want is to have the authorities show up and ask us to stop. With you help we can do this and make sure you get your order.

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