Animals Go to Butcher - Holiday Meals - Added Value

The animals are headed to the butcher. Be sure to get your orders in for this last drop of the year now. The cutting instructions are due for all animals this week so if you are thinking of getting a whole, half, quarter or Family Package now is the time to get your deposit in. We know life is extra busy this time of year and thinking of stocking your freezer for the coming months might be the last thing on your mind. The added value of knowing you are getting your family the healthiest raised meats at the best price could be just the gift you need right now. Let's face it the price of everything is going up! Every time I go to buy something these days I am amazed at the current price, it's always more than the last time I bought that item. The price of grass-fed beef and pasture raised pork from our ranch has not been raised in two years. We don't know what next year will hold but we know we can finish out this year by offering the same low price as last year. If you've looked on-line or in Whole "paycheck" at the price of grass-fed beef or pastured pork you know the price is $4-$7 per lb. more than we charge. Our