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Animals go to butcher

The animals are going to the butcher next week! Our October 4th drop is only a couple of weeks away! It may only be September but it's time to plan ahead to the holidays already. Maple Kissed Breakfast Sausage for those holiday mornings or your Thanksgiving stuffing? Bacon for company or Lard for baking? We have the October 4th drop and December 6th drops left this year for Las Vegas Valley and October 7th and December 8th drop left for Carson Valley. There is still time to order animals.

We have Family Packages of quarter dry aged, grass-fed beef and half pastured raised Berkshire pork available as well as whole half and quarter grass-fed beef, whole and half pasture raised Berkshire pork, and whole and half grass-fed lambs. Check out our low prices and availability at Buy Meat

It's wonderful all the new company's popping up with grass-fed pasture raised meets now. Perhaps the message is taking root that people want to buy meat raised the way it is suppose to be raised. However how can you tell when the meat is being sourced form multiple anonymous farms, if your getting truly grass-fed pasture raised meat? The only way to know for sure is to meet the farmers who raise your meat, to be able to ask questions of them. That's why we only source our meat from farms we have vetted out and the farmers themselves deliver our orders. The Vegas Food Co-Op continues to operate on the principle it was started for, the love of farm raised meat that is raised the way it was supposed to be. There is never a delivery fee when you order through for orders picked up at our drops in Las Vegas Valley and Carson City.