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An Ode to Motherhood!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and we want to wish all you Mothers a wonderful day! Our oldest granddaughter just became a mother, yes that makes us great-grand parents! When motherhood first graces you, it brings a wonder and love you never knew possible. Then as your children grow and become parents themselves , you get grandchildren and once again you are filled with delight as a new roll an a little ones life. As we looked into the piercing blue eyes of our great grand daughter we were filled with joy and wonder once again. The newness of life is precious and the ones who carries that life and brings it into the world should be celebrated!

I think of my own mother, the things she has done and witnessed in her 88 years, a trailblazer for career women, mother and stepmother, grand mother, great-grand mother and now great great-grand mother! She saw the end of the depression, the turbulent 60's, the wealth of the 80's, the turning of a century, and now the shutdown of the country. She grew up with the ice man, milk man and fish monger coming to her door. Breads were homemade, vegetables were grown out back and root cellars were a thing! Life is made up of so many little moments along its winding path but all those little moments are easy to miss if we get too busy with the big picture. So stop, slow down, take a pause and notice the little things. Appreciate those in your life, love more, laughs often and celebrate when ever possible!

The animals will be going to the butcher in just 2 weeks for the June 4th drop! There is still time to order and almost everything in still in stock. Spring is officially here but Summer is right around the corner with lots of opportunities to barbecue and eat good fresh food.

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