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Accepting order for May 1st drop now.

We are now accepting order for the May 1st drop for Las Vegas only. We had originally said May 7th however the extra drop will be on May 1st! We have everything available back in the inventory and you will now have to pick the drop date on all items as well. This will allow you to order for future drops. This will help you and us plan ahead. The animals are dry aging now and will be butchered and packaged for the April 3rd drop. We will send out invoices next week for whole, half, quarter animals, please be looking in your email for them.

We wanted to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for reaching out and choosing to buy your grass-fed pasture raised meat from us! The ranch, the butcher and we are so grateful for you! The sun is still shining, the snow fell overnight to water the grass, the animals are growing and we benefit from it all! So grateful!

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