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3 Weeks until next drop!

It's hard to believe, but we have three weeks until our next drop! Time keeps marching on as the saying goes, but that's good news because it means we are marching on as well. Marching into a new year, a new decade and for many of us new habits for a healthier lifestyle. We love talking to people at our drops and hearing how changing their diet from conventionally raised meats to eating farm fresh, grass-fed and pasture raised meats has helped them feel better. The increased amount of energy and improved gut health they've experienced sense embracing traditionally raised meats. This is why we do what we do!

Think back to the early days of the cowboy before feed lots were introduced. When cattle roamed the range and walked to where the lush grass grew. When pigs were placed to large pastures to rut the earth and dig for what they naturally would eat. This is how animals were meant to live and when they are allowed to do so it has an amazing effect on the nutritional value of the meat we get from them. In the spirit of the cowboys, we've added a new recipe to the website "Cowboy Steak" check it out!

We had the best prime-rib roast the Christmas, everyone was talking it about it days later! We have a few more of these fantastic roast available for us this drop but when they are gone, they are gone for another year! We also have a few lambs available this drop. Think ahead to Easter and buy now because I'm not sure if there will be any ready to go to the butcher for the April 3rd drop. We still have a few Family Packages available for this drop as well as pigs and beef. Remember when you buy in bulk you are getting the best price. Let's save money and stock up! No freezer space, no problem because the CSA shares are a nice variety of cuts in a 30 lb. box. Dead line to order for the February 7th drop is February 2nd!

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