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3 weeks until April 2nd drop!

We are just 3 weeks away from our April 2nd drop! The animals have gone to the butchers and are being processed but there is still time to order and we have plenty to chose from. The ranch has done such a great job in planning ahead and making sure we don't have to order months in advance this year. Get your order in for the April 2nd drop, it will be here before you know it! We have a limited amount of lambs available to order for the June 4th drop now!

Even though Spring officially starts this weekend, we just got another light dusting of snow! I've been spending these last few months of winter preparing for the months ahead. We get Spring/Summer fever and like to get outside a lot. What happens is after a long day of playing I realize dinner still needs to be fixed!! So these last few months I've taken all the tomatoes from last summer that I canned and prepared spaghetti sauce with our wonderful Italian sausage and grass-fed ground beef, Chili with grass-fed ground beef and chorizo, Meatballs with the grass-fed ground beef and pasture raised ground pork, etc. I then freeze them in freezer zip-lock bags. Then after a great day enjoying activities we can simply pull out a bag and have a quick delicious dinner in no time. A few days of cooking and planning ahead makes life so much easier and sweeter! Take advantage of the cooler weather now and prepare for the days to come when we'll be busy enjoying the warmer weather.

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