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Intermittent Fasting

Ramp up your work out by combining with fasting

Intermittent fasting can be done several different ways like most things you find the way that works for you.  We have found that fasting in the morning works best for most people because they are already fasting through the night. Instead of breaking your fast in the morning with breakfast you would break it closer to noon.  The benefit of doing this is that your body is already in a fast and the best time to exercise is after several hours of fasting. 

Waking up sometimes takes many people time to clear the fog of sleep. So we already make our coffee and spend time getting ready for the day or catching up on emails in the morning before we are ready for a bite to eat. Why not wake up a little earlier if needed and exercise after that initial cup of coffee. Then get ready maybe with another cup of coffee if needed.  The key is to not eat until 2 or more hours after exercise as well as before it.  This way your body is burning fat at it’s most intense level for 4-6 hours.   

Here is the plan: 

Wake up

Coffee, a little cream and stevia is desired

Exercise 45 min to an hour 4-5 times a week

Coffee if desired until 11 or 12

Lunch around 11 or 12

Eat a smart reasonable diet the rest of the day. Watch simple carbs and sugar but no need to avoid completely or count calories.  


the benefits to of metabolic syndrome are astounding. Find more energy, loose weight, sleep better and have more productive day.  This type of life style has been known to fight Insulin Resistance and has even been known to reverse it! 


To find out more checkout the book written by Dr. Julian Whitaker:

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